Hints from other couples' comments about dialogue: 

1. If things are difficult, keep the questions rather positive and try not too tackle tough subjects. Questions centering on what attracted me to you, best date we ever had, what a dream vacation would be, what quality do I like best about you, etc. Positive questions are important in order to help you focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.
2. Check out the selection of dialogue questions available online by clicking on thee box below.

3. Remember the purpose of dialogue is to help you understand your spouse's feelings. It is not to change one another or to manipulate one another. Each dialogue question should be written so that the couple finds out how one another feels. Not how they think... but how they feel. Then truly try to understand and accept one another as you are.
4. Separations due to business travel can be a challenge. Many couples use the same question for each day they are apart, something like "How Do I Feel Today?" or "What were my feelings today?" Once together, they read all the letters from their time apart, and then dialogue on the feelings they have reading the letters. 

5. Have a couple favourite questions to fall back on when finding the right one is difficult. "How do I feel about today?" was our standard one.

Remember, dialogue is a gift. A gift with no strings attached. 

Happy Dialogue!